Metaphors of Life By N.S Nadhan

In these paintings N.S Nadhan has assimilated various elements such as a flower, human, face, hands, a spinning top, a flower vase to mention a few. Moving beyond the duality of depiction, N.S Nadhan seeks to see the world through the eyes of each form.
The human hand is shown at times trying to balance a spinning top, which depicts revolution beyond the control of man. Whenever a new stem or leaf suddenly make its presence felt it once again reveals the omniscient power of creation and progression. 

Mirrors By N.S Nadhan
For Nadhan the quest for an answer began years ago. Nadhan's deep interest in philosophy, even as a teenager, attracted nadhan to a simple query of 'who am I?'
Having worked on 'Tribulations of life' and 'Life is a circle and cycle' N.S Nadhan presented 'Mirrors', a series of oil paintings done during 2001-02. In 2004 the search developed into installation works titled Kaalapramaanam.
In the series titled 'Mirrirs', Nadhan's paintings drew upon the frustrations of humanity and Nadhan's own helplessness amdist duality of values. In this paradoxical existence the artist sought inspiration for N.S Nadhan's works in free verse.

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